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To improve


to change.

To be perfect


to change often.

- Winston Churchill

Welcome to MK Energy Products

MK Energy Products provides a broad range of engineering services and products for all things energy related.  Utilizing our engineering and manufacturing partners in China, we bring new or enhanced product solutions to our customers in a timely and cost effective manner.  All service companies and manufacturers are carefully screened by MK Engineering to ensure that all necessary certifications are obtained and quality control is of highest priority.


Services by MK Energy Products includes:

  • New product concept-to-manufacturing
  • Existing product enhancement and cost reduction
  • Oversight/assistance of existing products manufactured in China
  • Software Development

Product Categories:

  • Consumer Products
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Storage
  • Mining & Petroleum

Online Merchandise Store

paypalOur online merchandise store has a general public portal and a business portal.  Our general public store is a convenient place for you to order consumer energy related products such as electric vehicle charge stations, mobile phone accessories, batteries and related consumer energy products.  The business portal you can find commercial and residential EV Chargers, Industrial Chargers, Batteries, and Solar Energy related devices.

If you cannot find the type of devices you are looking for please use the “Contact Us” form on the sidebar to let us know. We will contact our manufacturer to see if we have the products available somewhere else.

If you need to place a special order, please use the “Contact Us” form to let us know. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.
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